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Put your music to work and start writing for brands, tv commercials, series and films. Learn what this market needs and get yourself TotallyTuned to it’s high demands. Learn what it takes and become a successful DIY artist.

Totally Tuned

Totally Tuned connects talented composers, songwriters and producers to the international business world.

Totally Tuned Masterclass offers knowledge, network and opportunities to help you make your way to millions

The Totally Tuned Masterclass is a 12 week course where you work on real assignments from real clients, while getting lessons and feedback from our world class coaches. Our goal is to deliver great, finished and market ready tracks for our clients and for placements in the future. Our mission is to give you all the tools you need to become a D.I.Y. artist, able to make a living with your talent. Check out the TT Masterclass now!

Totally Tuned was founded as a solution to a big and worldwide problem that most creative people recognize: How do you find steady work and income?
Ask yourself: How can I make a living with my music? How can I make money with my talent?

We live in fast changing times where IT companies have taken over the music business and record companies only accept the happy few. There’s an obvious mismatch between supply and demand and even worse; a failure of schools to deliver graduates that know how to make a living from their talent. This is where Totally Tuned comes in.

It’s time to make changes because the real world needs creative people and creative ideas. It’s time to start thinking differently.

But first, learn what this market needs, learn by working on real assignments together with our outstanding team of world-class songwriters and composers. Finish the Totally Tuned Masterclass, join the TT Elite group and get future assignments from our Global clients.


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It’s perfectly possible to make a great living with your own music, without the help of managers, record companies and old school publishers.

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