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Totally Tuned

Totally Tuned connects talented composers, songwriters and producers to the international business world.

Totally Tuned Masterclass offers knowledge, network and opportunities to help you make your way to millions.

  • The Totally Tuned Masterclass is a unique 12 week Masterclass where you’ll work on real and paid assignments from real clients!
  • You’ll get lessons in many styles from our world class coaches who are specialists and work with artists like David Guetta, Justin Bieber and Cirque du Soleil. Producers who work for Global A brands like BMW, VW and Netflix. Composers that work on films like Batman and Alien. 
  • Our goal and yours is to deliver finished-and market ready tracks for live clients and for placements in the future.
  • We will give you all the tools you need to become a D.I.Y. artist able to make a living with your talent.
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“We founded Totally Tuned as a solution to a big and worldwide problem that most creative people will recognize: How can I make a living with my music? How can I make money with my talent?” – Erwin Steijlen


We live in fast changing times where IT companies have taken over the music business and record companies only accept the happy few. There’s an obvious mismatch between supply and demand and even worse; a failure of schools to deliver graduates that really understand the business side of music. This is where Totally Tuned comes in.

Learn what this market needs, learn by working on real assignments, work together with our outstanding team of world-class songwriters, composers and producers. Pass the Totally Tuned Masterclass, join the TT Elite group and also get future assignments from our Global clients.


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What we believe

Totally Tuned believes in sharing, instead of competing
we believe in connecting and helping each other
we believe in-out-of-the-box collaborations
we believe in marketing your own creativity
we totally believe in the power of art and music and
we also believe in making some money too… but always in an honest and transparant way!

TT’s founder and head of the team is Erwin Steijlen, Composer, Songwriter & Producer for Brands, Artists and Media.

Erwin Steijlen started out as a guitar player and songwriter playing in bands before he started writing music for brands, artists and media. He single-handedly managed to get VW Group and BMW Worldwide as clients and he wrote all their product launches worldwide for years.

Brands like LG, Nike, Philips, Bentley, MTV, Verizon Fios, Delta Airlines, Canon, Boeing, Intel and many more followed, and all highly appreciate his unique creative thinking and music.

He wrote part of the music for the Beijing Olympics, composed the theme song for The Tour The France, worked with Pink!, Shakira, DJ Fedde LeGrand and Cirque du Soleil. In 2016 he was nominated for best tv commercial music and he realized over 50 commercials on US tv by applying his own “Corporate Music Method”. (His method and book are available on Amazon and

TV series like Pretty Little Liars, Shameless, Single Ladies, Parenthood and The Mentalist all use his songs in their scenes.

Besides composing and producing Erwin teaches Songwriting and Media Composing at ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts. Here he also teaches his own subject based on the Method earning students 15 EC’s.

Erwin is also the founder of “Totally Tuned Event”. A yearly event where creative people are connected to the business world, and where great seminars and masterclasses can be followed. Check out:

Erwin is available for lectures, masterclasses and coaching about creative, international entrepreneurship.

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TT is a unique company and an innovative, online educational platform. TT helps top talent flourish.

TT wants to change society, if only for a little bit, and offer creative people chances, insight and network. We’ll bring in paid assignments and opportunities, bring in paid licenses, help you get better in writing, recording and mixing. All for a better future for creative people and better music for our clients.

Sure, TT is also a business, a company that needs to make a profit but, we really are entrepreneurs with ideals and a vision.
“Sharing, Not Competing” and “School Meets Market” are our motto’s.

TT can help you make a living with your music,
TT can help you make money with your talent.

Our amazing team and worldwide clients believe in the Power of Art and the Power of Music but they also see the need for a new business model. Learn from our coaches, learn from client feedback, work together with other talents and build your own network until you become a DIY artist,  a creative entrepreneur.

Meet the team; all highly successful musicians and composers in their own right, but also great coaches and teachers. We welcome coaches to our team on a rotating basis, depending on market demands and coach availability. Learn form their knowledge and use their network! Join Totally Tuned now!

Meet Our Ever Expanding Team

Rutger van Gelder

Rutger van Gelder
EDM specialist, Producer, DJ, Artist, Songwriter


Artist / Songwriter / Lyricist & Producer

Henk Pool

Henk Pool
Songwriter, Nashville specialist

Joost studio

Joost van den Broek
Producer, orchestral and rock specialist

Christian Vorlander

Christian Vorlander
Filmcomposer and trailer specialist


Jeffrey Revet
Keyboard player Stream of Passion and producer

Danny Cocke

Danny Cocke
Hollywood Composer

Erwin 0257

Erwin Steijlen
Founder TT, Producer for brands, artists and media

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