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Erwin Steijlen


Erwin Steijlen

Music and the Brain

What music does in our brain is fascinating. We automatically respond to it. Music bonds people, delivers a feeling of group cohesion. We are the only “animals” on earth that can sync to a beat within moments. The right music for your brand is essential. Music is the best way to communicate with your audience,…


Why We started Totally Tuned?

Totally Tuned explained


How To Write For a TV Commercial

In this video Erwin explains how he approached the Delta Zeeland commercial music


Drumroom Trick

How to make drums sound real and like they’re recorded in a big live room


Glow ; Blob the Bulb Live

Here’s how Blob the Bulb, highlight of GLOW 2017 looked and sounded. Glow is a famous light festival in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and visited by over 800.000 people this year. Concept: Jan Fabel, 3D video art: Dirk van Poppel, Music and sounddesign: Erwin Steijlen


Keyword Writing

As a composer for Brands and Media you need to be able to write and record music based on a couple of keywords


Totally Tuned Teaser

Totally Tuned Teaser


Sidechaining Lesson

How to set up and use Sidechaining


Orchestral Work for Netflix

An orchestral assignment for the TT students and explanation about the trcaks used by Netflix new series Fastest Cars


Audio Over Midi

Working with real musicians and real instruments is harder but will give you your own sound immediately


Call To Action for Brands and Companies

Music should be #1 in your brands communication. It is thé most important tool for building a relationship with your customers


The Making Glow 2017

Here’s how I approached the music and sound design for GLOW 2017. This famous light festival was wittnessed by over 800.000 people


Erwin Ted Talks

Money follows value… is your music of value?


Interview with Stagefinder

Interview Erwin Steijlen with StageFinder, a dutch platform for songwriters (part 1). This is in dutch!    


Make a Track Stand Out

How to get your tracks used by brands


Ruben explains his work on Han Solo trailer

Ruben is a student at TT. Very talented.. watch him explain how he worked on the Han Solo trailer


Totally Tuned Event Aftermovie

Totally Tuned organized this first (network) event for the creative and business world in pop temple 013 on 18th january 2018. The responses were great as were our guests: Paul Farrer (UK#1 Media Composer), Marcy Bulkeley (music supervisor WildCardAV), Danny Cocke (Hollywood film composer), Daniel M Jackson (CEO CORD Worldwide) and Erwin Steijlen (Composer for…


Orchestral assignment/lesson

An example of an online lesson and assignment. Erwin shows what he did for the tracks that got chosen for a new Netflix series


Call To Action Students

Our call to action for students and talents.. come join TT and amaze the world with your music!


BUMA Awards Bumper

A lesson on writing the BUMA Awards Bumper


Jeffrey Revet TT Coach Introduction

New Totally Tuned Coach Jeffrey Revet introduces himself


TT coach Joost van den Broek Introduction

Meet TT coach Joost van den Broek in his studio Sandlane


TT Coach Rutger van Gelder

Meet our EDM specialist Rutger van Gelder


Remix Tips

How to approach a remix assignment


“Lost On You” remix video by Rutger van Gelder

Great and inspiring video on how to remix an EDM track by Totally Tuned coach Rutger van Gelder


Drum Mixing by Joost van den Broek

Really great lesson by TT coach Joost van den Broek, all about mixing real drums


EDM Remix

Thijs Buwalda, talented TT student. shows how he does a modern remix of an old classic

The man behind

Erwin Steijlen

Erwin Steijlen


The book

Corporate Music Method

“I’d highly recommend reading ‘Corporate Music Method: How To Make Money With Music’ which has a comprehensive set of recommendations for artists wanting to get more commercial placements. Please note that we did not write this book, but it was written by one of the most successful artists at AudioSparx, Mr. Erwin Steijlen, from the Netherlands”  Lee Johnson CEO Audiosparx

Corporate Music Method