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Need music?

Need great tracks for your project? We offer customized and taylor-made music on a no cure no pay basis.

What’s The Sound Of Your Company? Find Out Now!


No cure no pay

Our talents can write and record any music you want for your project. All you have to do is give us information on what it’s for, the right keywords, style preferences, examples, filmedits, video,┬ádeadline… basically all the info you have available to help us write the perfect track for you and your project.

And yes, it’s on a no cure no pay basis meaning you decide what your budget is, we won’t send you an offer. Also, if it’s for tv, film or radio, please let us know.



You can upload all the files that we might need to get the job done.

Tell us what you need under comments, be as specific as you can! After you send us your assignment we’ll get to work immediately. Our talents will start recording and if needed we’ll send a pitch to a specialised elite group of composers and songwriters to get the job done in time.


Get suggestions

TT will make a selection of 5 of the best possible tracks for your project.

You’ll get these tracks send over and you can decide to use one of these or ask for changes and give feedback. We’ll do all we can to make you a happy client. Remember; you’ll be helping unknown talent get better and get income, besides getting great fitting tracks and out of the box music for the best price.

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