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Need music?

Need great tracks for your project? Use our top composers from all around the world!

What’s The Sound Of Your Company?


Your sound really is just as important as your logo, font and mission statement….

It’s part of your Corporate Identity


How Does It Work?

  • Tell us about your project! Give us a call, send us an email or upload your project via the form at the bottom of this page
  • We’ll get back to you asap with a creative plan! When you agree we’ll immediately put our ever expanding group of international talents and coaches to work. All educated by our own program; the Totally Tuned Masterclass
  • After the agreed deadline (for instance 5 days), you’ll recieve the 5 best tracks.
  • Multiple world-class composers, songwriters, producers and coaches, all will work on your music! You and your client can then choose the track you like.


Why Work With Totally Tuned?

Our ever expanding group of composers have tons of experience working with the biggest brands, artists, and media…worldwide!
So, are you in need of music for your project, film, series, event, opening, launch, commercial, company identity?

Then get us into your project asap!! Why? Because music is proven to be the best marketing tool available! We have proof that one of our clients got 300% more customers in just one month because of the music, our music, a great song we wrote for their tv spot…

A short explanation: Most will agree that music is thé universal language. But what most do not know, is that great and relevant music is stored in our brains as an emotional memory. And these musical memories are encoded deep into our brain, deeper than any other information.

For brands and companies this means that music is the best way to connect with your audience, your clients, your customers. You really need to think of music first! You absolutely need  to know what your sound is, what your customers sound is!

All Global A-brands know what their sound is. They do! It’s part of their company identity.
Don’t you want to be a global brand?

“Totally Tuned works with composers and producers with over 17 years of experience. Max experience in writing for Global A-brands and we totally specialise in writing unique and great music on assignment.. Let our people do their creative thing… get us in early…put Music First”  Erwin Steijlen- Composer for Brands/founder TT and head of the team at Totally Tuned. Check out his work here


What Does It Cost?

Totally Tuned is so sure of it’s quality and expertise, we will even work on a No Cure No Pay Basis! There is absolutely no reason not to give us a try!

We really want stockmusic rid of this world! Please stop buying over-used tracks that are not the sound of your brand, not the sound of your company! Everybody uses them, they’re boring..

Because of our worldwide platform and totally tuned composers we can deliver great, unique music, written on your keywords, newly written for you and your client, and at amazing rates:

  • In our quest against stockmusic our rates are very competitive and start at only € 500  (Depending on length of track, number of musicians and client needs)
  • If you like one of the unused tracks in our database, we can deliver these editted to your needs from € 250
  • Are you in need of more music, working on a bigger project, need our expertise, creativity or have another question? Do not hesitate to reach out! We will respond quickly and we promise our rates will always be very competitive!

Important: We make things easy! No extra fees, no hidden agenda’s, no unclear royalty agreements, no extra payments, no yearly fee. Easy and clear- The Totally Tuned Way

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