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We are experts in Music for Brands and totally believe every brand has its own sound. We deliver unique and great Music for companies, film, media, brands and artists, all based on our own game changing “Music First” method. We work for hunderds of brands including Global companies like BMW, VW, Verizon, Bentley and Delta Airlines.

This highly successful “Music First” method means:

  • Music Comes First (not film, but music is the start of your journey)
  • Music is in the centre of everything, we want to reach people’s hearts
  • Music is the universal language and we are here to activate that musical brain of your customers, your audience
  • All Music we write is based on your brands DNA, your core values, on you
  • Get your story told with Music first… then let film and content follow. This is the Holy Grail in marketing communication.. Use the Power of Music

Currently we work on music for:

Scania Louder Vivisol City of Tilburg EMEC19 Koninklijke Landmacht Fox-It B-Synergy

Tell your story with the Power of Music

Some of our projects:

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