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We are a group of international musical experts and totally believe in the Power of Music. Music is the language of emotions, music ís communication. Music can soothe, heal, help, energize, bring change, comfort you, it can even save lives and it will always tell a story..

We deliver unique and great music for organizations, film, media, brands and artists. All based on our founders game changing “Music First” method; Music based on your DNA.  Our composers, songwriters and producers bring better Music & Art to the world.

This successful Music First Method means:

  • Music Comes First, it is the start of your journey
  • We only compose music based on your DNA, your core values, based on you!
  • We tell your story with music… ans inspire film and content makers
  • Music is the Holy Grail in communication.. use the Power of Music

Currently we work on music for:

Sioux Tech VVB Husan United Nations Glow2019 Kanzi de Uitvinder Creativity World Forum Xella Dow MGen Laser Act SAP EDX19 OTIB City of Tilburg B-Synergy Bencha

Totally Tuned founder Erwin Steijlen explains why music really should be part of every organizations corporate identity. As a public speaker he inspires many audiences all over the world with the power of music. Erwin shows we all have a musical brain and we should use it..

The video is in dutch but you can turn on the english subtitles if needed.

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We create Your sound
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