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We believe that every company should know how it sounds and use the Music First Method


Give the world better music, have every brand use the Power of Music, help musicians make a living with their talent

Music is the Holy Grail of Marketing Communication

Totally Tuned totally believes in the Power of Music and we tell your story with unique Music…

We are a pioneering company. On our platform we deliver singular and great music for companies, film, media and artists, while at the same time, we connect and help international musical talents by giving them knowledge, income and networkErwin Steijlen / Founder Totally Tuned

Erwin Steijlen is a Dutch composer for Brands & Media, an author and an entrepreneur.

He writes music for hundreds of Global brands such as BMW, VW, Nike, Philips, UEFA, LG, Delta Airlines, Bentley, Boeing, Intel, Verizon Fios and many more, all by using his unique “Music First” method.

Erwin has written every product launch for VW and BMW worldwide for many years, and has worked with famous acts like Nena, Pink!, Shakira, DJ Fedde LeGrand and Cirque du Soleil. Another highlight was his song for the Tour the France and the music for Beijing Olympics in 2008.
He was nominated for best “TV Commercial” music in 2016 and his tracks are also widely used on Netflix and US series like Pretty Little Liars, Shameless, Fastest Car and The Mentalist.
Utilizing his own “Corporate Music Method”, he realized over 50 commercials worldwide, 30 on US tv alone.

In 2017 and 2018 his team was elected best of “Glow”, the famous lightfestival in the Netherlands, visited by 750,000 people.

As a speaker Erwin shows us how the musical brain works, and how important music is for brands and companies. He presents a case he worked on, where 300% of profit growth was reached in only one month, just by using the right music…

With Totally Tuned he wants to help and connect talented musicians while at the same time offer a platform of creativity for the business world.

What we believe

Totally Tuned believes in sharing, instead of competing

  • we believe in connecting and helping each other
  • we believe in-out-of-the-box collaborations
  • we believe in marketing your own creativity
  • we totally believe in the power of art and music and
  • we also believe in making some money too… but always in an honest and transparant way!


Rutger van Gelder

Rutger van Gelder
EDM specialist, Producer, DJ, Artist, Songwriter


Artist / Songwriter / Lyricist & Producer

Henk Pool

Henk Pool
Songwriter, Nashville specialist

Joost studio

Joost van den Broek
Producer, orchestral and rock specialist


Jeffrey Revet
Keyboard player Stream of Passion and producer

Danny Cocke

Danny Cocke
Hollywood Composer

Erwin 0257

Erwin Steijlen
Founder TT, Producer for brands, artists and media

Corporate composer, Totally Tuned alumnus and library specialist

Christian Vorlander

Christian Vorlander
Filmcomposer and trailer specialist

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