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Put Your Music to Work and start writing for Brands, TV, Film and Media

The Totally Tuned masterclasses are a one and only experience for artists who have the drive and talent to make it in the music industry, but don’t have the contacts, management or a record company to back them up.

Totally Tuned masterclasses are also an excellent addition to your degree in music as it really shows you how to market your creativity.

  • Make a living by doing what you love most; writing and recording music
  • Learn how to get clients and write for clients
  • Learn how to write for and sync to worldwide commercials, films and tv series
  • Learn the musical and business secrets from industry insiders!
  • Use the “25 Rules to be a Successful Music Writer” and start your own creative company

Totally Tuned Masterclass is a CRKBO registered and recognized institution for education

Your goal is to get better as an artist, finish market ready products and start building your own creative company

The Method


Our vision, curriculum and goals are based on the “Corporate Music Method”, a book and method developed by renowned brand composer Erwin Steijlen.

Erwin’s book “Corporate Music Method, “How To make Money With Music” is a well recieved work for DIY artists that want to live from their art, their music. It shows many possibilities on how to be successful with your talent.

Corporate Music Method

The 4 Anchors


First and most important is always the creative part, the quality of ideas and chords, the performance of the musicians and the mix, combined with some creative out of the box thinking. Always deliver 100% quality and then take things one step further.
In the Masterclasses we’ll go deep into this, we’ll make your creativity stronger and your music the best it can be.


Learn from other musicians, coaches, friends, fans, clients. Make sure you get better and learn form your mistakes.
Get back into the studio until your product is world class and and market ready.


“Money Follows Value”, it does not follow hard work, big buildings or fast cars, Money Follows Value..
But is your “value” market ready? Is your product, your music 100% quality wise and a little different from the rest?
If you really have value, money will follow… and that’s a promise.


After good marketing (we work with some great companies) the earning will start. Earn network, clients, wisdom and yes make some money too.

My name is Cristina Ornati and I am a big fan of your music and your approach to composing. I also recently purchased your book “Corporate Music Method” which is an excellent resource in understanding all the aspects of the music industry for somebody who wants to create music for licensing.

“Top Customer Reviews”
5.0 out of 5 stars Very helpful

By Ben on March 16, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
Very helpful book for anyone who’s serious about making money making music”.

Fellow musicians: super interesting book with many usable advice and information. Written by Erwin Steijlen who has been able through his Method to sell music to American tv series, films, commercials, big car brands etc.. read it! Michael Coomans (musician, songwriter)

“I’d highly recommend reading ‘Corporate Music Method: How To Make Money With Music’ which has a comprehensive set of recommendations for artists wanting to get more commercial placements. Please note that we did not write this book, but it was written by one of the most successful artists at AudioSparx, Mr. Erwin Steijlen, from the Netherlands”. Lee Johnson – CEO Audiosparx

I’m really digging your book Erwin! Great job! Facebook post on 31 mei 2016. Craig Dodge (Mediacomposer) Ottawa (stad), Ontario, Canada

For all the composers out there that want to make a living out of Music, this book gives incredible tips on how to earn money in the Music Scene. We all know that in the beginning it can be a struggle, and sometimes it looks like a never ending story. The music scene has changed a lot , Yes, but if You know the tricks, it gets way Easier to make it your full time job. Written by: Erwin Steijlen.
Kim Kiona (singer/songwriter, recording artist)

Have you got what it takes?

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One very talented student will be granted a scholarship paid by one of our clients, participating schools or the TT foundation. For every course/masterclass a dedicated team decides who will get the scholarship.

Streamed Masterclass

An all online course consisting of 10 video’s with in-depth composing, recording, mixing and workflow rules, interviews with successful artists and assignments that will teach you how to write for the corporate market.

Totally Tuned Masterclass

In this 12 week Masterclass you’ll work on music for brands, commercials, tv series, films, trailers, events, shows, songs for artists, product launches, libraries and music supervisors, syncs, awards shows and even for ballet and classic dance.

On our specially developed platform all students and coaches will work together creating the best possible tracks for clients, artists, syncs or for your own releases.

Personal Coaching

Interested in individual coaching only?