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Totally Tuned’s founder and head of the team is Erwin Steijlen; Composer, Songwriter & Producer for Brands, Artists and Media. With over 17 years experience writing for the biggest brands worldwide he found it was time to spread the message: every brand should use sound and music; it is part of the corporate identity.

At the same time he recognized the big and worldwide problem of creative people struggling to make a living. Combining these 2 on an innovative platform helps both worlds; giving brands great music ánd helping talents get work, network, wisdom and income.

We founded Totally Tuned as a solution to a big and worldwide problem that most creative people will recognize: How can I make a living with my music? How can I make money with my talent? – Erwin Steijlen / Founder Totally Tuned

Through a unique system of coaches and collaborations between international talents, all on our own Platform we work on getting the client the best possible music. With our upcoming app we offer a great tool for companies, governments, brands and media to use this singular music.

At Totally Tuned we make things easy! No extra fees, no hidden agenda’s, no unclear royalty agreements, no extra payments, no yearly fee. Easy and clear: The Totally Tuned Way.

Words express only a small part.. for me everything comes together in your music.
My drive for my work at the Police, what it means to me, the people who give their soul and happiness for the work, and the power and energy, … really fantastic, I think some tears are gonna flow.

My physical reaction is that I am totally touched by your music.
Right in my heart, beautiful alternations, vulnerable and powerful, listened twice, it is already in my system.
Many compliments

Janneke Vollebergh-Barbiers MBA
Police, Staff Corps Leadership,
HRM Department Human Resources
Development Department

For more than 10 years Erwin Steijlen has accompanied us as a partner of “De Vries & Partners Germany ” and “DvP Group international” with musical productions for all major events worldwide .
Characteristic of Erwin Steijlen and his company are the flawless empathy about the assignment, the client and the complexity of the production, the high musical quality, technical knowledge, collegiality and endless patience, which together, without exception, these 10 years has brought great satisfaction and success.
Each delivered musical , most highly complex production, is a delight to the ear.
Rob de Vries CEO, De Vries-Partner.de

Erwin Steijlen and Totally Tuned stand for the highest quality in the industry and is a very welcome addition to our team of teachers.
Constructive-critical, relevant, reliable, passionate, communicative and knowledgeable of the facts .
Davy de Wit, Head of ArtEZ Pop Academy | ArtEZ Institute of the Arts

Erwin Steijlen to me is Dutch “Best Kept Secret” from the corperate event industry . Over 10 years we have been great colleagues working on some very special national and international live show experiences. Erwin is pure, honest, straightforward and he always knows how to make a musical translation of a show script that is still under construction. He really breathes life into a production and brings the show straight away to a higher level with his musical vision. Erwin ’s music is always a hit! He will go all the way for the best brand perception. Success and goose bumps guaranteed! Sander Hendrix, Hendrix Regie en Showproducties

You really delivered a masterpiece!
The music has really touched many people and has released a lot of emotions.
I have seen many people moved, from directors to employees.
Really cool to see!
So the confirmation that this music is THE “dash more” (nice quote) in our further communication
Dennis van Rieth, Police Expert

Erwin Steijlen has consistently been a top-seller at AudioSparx and his deep understanding, experience, and professionalism in the music business is truly world-class. I highly recommend that young up-and-coming artists and composers closely follow Mr. Steijlen to learn what mistakes to avoid and what steps to take to develop into similarly world-class artists and composers. Hunter S. Thompson is quoted as having said: “The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.” I am confident in saying that Erwin will help you to understand all sides of the music business, how to distinguish the positive from the negative, and the wisdom that he will impart to you will give you a solid foundation on which to grow and achieve commercial success and make a living and a life in the world of music.
Lee Johnson, Executive VP , Audiosparx

Allseas is a leading offshore contractor, specializing in laying pipelines on the seabed. In early 2015 came, “Pioneering Spirit”, Allseas’ new ship for platform installation, platform removal and pipe laying into service. “On Friday, February 27th, Saturday, February 28 and Sunday, March 1st was the inauguration of “Pioneering Spirit”. In Alexiahaven at the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam a high quality three-day event was realized that was attended by 4000 customers, employees and suppliers of Allseas.Jeroen Hagelstein, PR Manager at Allseas and originator of the event: “Erwin Steijlen has played a crucial role in the realization of the official christening ceremony for AllSeas; he has been able to perfectly shape the intimate character musically that we wanted to give to the official moment. The compositions he created hit exactly the right chord we had in mind for our inauguration. Jeroen Hagelsteijn, AllSeas

At least 7 intensive years of passionate working together resulted into many, many wonderful Productions all around the world.
Many, many times Erwin made our dreams come true . The difficult task of translating the clients wishes , demands and not at the least, restrictions, into a harmonious blend where we can still deliver “our concept” is a thing we again and again succesfully managed to achieve. After so many years of working together we know each others weak spots, but far more important, each others valuable talents and power. We do create magic time after time – together –
200% quality and emotion .
Ilona Hendriks Creative Director

On our innovative Platform for e-creation, international talented composers will be working on your Music. This is how it works:


Tell us about your project! Give us a call, send us an email or upload your project via the form.


We’ll get back to you with a creative plan. Then we’ll put our ever expanding group of international talents to work


You’ll receive at least 5 great tracks so you can choose the track you like most.


You’ll get a package of different versions of your music. Use your music also for seminars, workshops, masterclasses, meetings, events etc. Music really is part of your corporate identity, so use it.


You’ll recieve advice on how to use the Power of Music and how to best employ your brand sound.

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