Reach Your Customers Brain, Heart & Heaven…. with Music!

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Reach your customers “Brain, Heart & Heaven” with……. Music!

Lately I get asked a lot to perform as a Public Speaker, to tell my story on events, meetings and conferences. Why? Because I tell a different story that is alos very close to all of us.. I talk about my passion and life occupation; the Power of Music!

So in 3 sentences here’s what I believe in (and can proof by the way)

1 Music really is part of your brands Corporate Identity

2 With the “Music First” method you’ll reach your customers Brain, Heart & Heaven

3 Music is the Holy Grail in marketing communication

Here are some great reasons to add Music to your corporate identity…

We all have a musical brain:

  • Your customers listen more to music then they use the internet (the average American listens to music 32 hours every week, in comparison; they use the internet “only” 24 hours a week)
  • On a subconscious level (tested with MRI scans) a Company Logo with Music (the right music that is!) is rewarded 30% better than logo’s without music. We have a musical brain..
  • Again on a subconscious level; our brain can detect a hit song 3 x better than the best record label owner can consciously, we have a musical brain..
  • Children untill 3 years old sooner remember a song than a spoken text, we all have a musical brain.. we are born with one

Click here to check the video we made and learn what happens in your brain when you listen to music:

We have a musical heart

  • We pick a song for our wedding, or to celebrate love with our partners. And this song stays “our song” for the rest of our lives. We have a musical heart..
  • We choose music and songs at funerals to remember our past away loved ones. So in a way these people become music after death. We have a musical heart..
  • What’s a party without music? What are all those festivals about? Music of course.. It makes us happy

Music is the way to reach our “Heaven”

  • Only art and music can take us to a higher level, something floating above us all, what I like to refer to as: our “Collective Consciousness”
  • Yes, in religions and churches music is our way to come closer to the gods
  • But more important; think of a great concert you’ve been to, with an amazing artist. When this artist performs, you share the emotion with that artist. More; you share that emotion with all the people around you. The music connects, bonds, makes you feel less lonely. So, music is our gateway to something higher.. let’s call it our Stairway to… Heaven

Now ask yourself; we all have a company logo, a brand manual with colors and font, we have a mission statement, we all love to reach as many people as possible with our products, our stories, we want to do something great for society… so, why is music not part of our corporate identity? It’s so obvious yet also very unusual and new. Think about it… what is your sound? Then decide and start using the Power of Music.

I’ve been lucky to have worked with the biggest global brands and with so many passionate people in music and business, but I’m still amazed that only few brands recognize the Power of Music and know how to use it. But how?

The answer is “Music First”

Start with music, based on your brands DNA, then add film and content. Turn the process around and stop using stock music or sound a likes… Why spend 20k on a film and only 15 bucks on music? It’s silly, remember, it’s the music that gets stuck in people’s heads after watching a film, series or commercial (that is.. if it’s good music, the right music, your music)

Make music part of your corporate identity, know how you “sound” and use that Power to connect. It’s not hard… and at this point in history.. you’re a pioneer if you do 😉

About the author:

Erwin Steijlen is a composer and music advisor for Brands and Media. He works with Global A-Brands from all over the world. Brands such as BMW, VW, Delta Airlines, UEFA, LG, Liberty Global, Philips, Bentley, AllSeas ,Verizon, Nike and many more.

With his company Totally Tuned he connects musical talent to the international business world. Check:

His “Music First” method is very successful and the main reason for him becoming a Public Speaker. We always need more great music! Let’s make art! More info? Check: