“Learn what happens in your brain when you listen to music… then think about what this can do for your company or brand…..

Your company sound is just as important as your logo, font, colour and mission statement…. it really is the Holy Grail in marketing communication,

… Music should be part of your Corporate Identity”

Composer for Brands and Totally Tuned founder Erwin Steijlen

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How Does Totally Tuned Work?

  • Tell us about your project! Give us a call, send us an email or upload your project via the form at the bottom of this page
  • We’ll get back to you asap with a creative plan! Then we’ll put our ever expanding group of international talents to work
  • You’ll recieve the 5 best tracks so you can choose the track you like most
  • You’ll get different versions of your music because you’ll want to use it not only for film, but also for seminars, workshops, masterclasses, meetings, events etc..
    Make your music the “Theme of Your Brand”


Why Work With Totally Tuned?

  • We are specialists in composing “Your Sound” and have tons of experience working with hundreds of brands worldwide!
  • Some of our clients: KPN, KPMG, BMW, VW, Verizon Fios, Bentley, ID TV, Netflix, Delta Airlines, MTV, UEFA, LG, Liberty Global, Philips, Nike, Allseas, KLM, Texaco, BrandLoyalty, UEFA, Intel, Samsung and many more.. But also movies and tv series like Eliminators, Shameless, Kate&Ben, Pretty Little Liars and The Mentalist
  • We totally believe in Music First! Start with music, then add film, content.. Really use the Power of Music!

    “Totally Tuned works with composers and producers with over 17 years of experience. Max experience in writing for Global A-Brands and we totally specialise in writing unique and great music on assignment.. Let our people do their creative thing… get us in early…put Music First” – Erwin Steijlen/ Composer for Brands/founder TT and head of the team at Totally Tuned. Check out his work here

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What Does Totally Tuned Cost?

  • Because of our worldwide, online Platform and our list of Totally Tuned composers, we can deliver great, unique music, composed especially for you… and at amazing rates!
  • We are very competitive and we start at only € 750  (Depending on length of track, number of musicians and client needs)
  • Are you in need of more music, working on a bigger project, need our expertise, creativity or have another question? Do not hesitate to reach out!

Important: We make things easy! No extra fees, no hidden agenda’s, no unclear royalty agreements, no extra payments, no yearly fee. Easy and clear- The Totally Tuned Way

ps. we really want stockmusic rid of this world! Stop buying over-used tracks that are really nót the sound of your brand! Everybody uses them, they’re boring!


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