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BMW 8-Series Coupe

We composed and recorded the new BMW 8-Series music. This is the opening movie showing more epic BMW models and showcasing the new 8 series Coupe. We also wrote the music for the new 8 -Series Cabrio. This show was in july 2017, Hamburg, Germany. The car will hit the streets in 2018.

Response of CEO BMW: “Zuerst einmal muss ich sagen, dass mir der Opening-Film wirklich Gänsehaut hervorruft, im positiven Sinn. Wirklich toll geworden, ich liebe die Musik, auch mit der Pause bei den Bildern des neuen 8er gefällt mir sehr gut!!!”

Translation in english: “I have to say that I really love the openings film, gives me goosebumps in a positive way. It really came out great, I absolutely love the music, also with the pause moment with the images of the new 8, I like it very much!!!”

Write music for the reveal of this new BMW. BMW Power, Proud, Orchestral.