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New single by Miss Erica Greenfield.

Co-written, recorded and mixed by Totally Tuned.

ELEVATE, © 2017
Written and composed by Erica Greenfield and Erwin Steijlen.
Produced by Erwin Steijlen and Erica Greenfield.
Label: TotallyTuned
Guitars: Erwin Steijlen
Keys: Erwin Steijlen and Erica Greenfield
Bass: Rogier van Wegberg
Drums: Mart Nijen Es
Backingvocals: Erica Yong, Debbie Helaha, Ruud van Overdijk, Erica Greenfield
Mastered by Amsterdam Mastering.
Musicvideo by Blue Depth Productions in cooperation with No Question Media.
Director & Camera: Mathieu Peters
Cameras: Quincy Rondaij, Boyd Plasmeijer
Production Assistant: Jessica Groeneveld