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Fox-It “For a More Secure Society”

Using our Music First method we wrote a package of music for this very special company

We were asked by Fox-It to do their sound branding. They also believe strongly in the Power of Music and so we wrote and recorded a nice package of tracks for Fox-It. This is a special brand indeed since they secure state secrets and important data for big companies. They search and secure the Net 24/7, make their own software and hardware. They even secure nuclear power plants!

So musically we could only go into one direction: Spy Music!

Great! When do you get the chance to do James Bond, Mission impossible and Ocean’s Eleven style? Not often, that’s for sure! Here are 3 tracks. The first one is in 11/8 time signature, nice! 😉 The second is called “Spy Time” and is totally in style with the Ocean’s Eleven films; groovy, chill but allreal instruments. The last one is called “We Save The World” and this one fits this brand best. Why? Because the computer plays the riff! This company is totally high-tech, software, internet so it needs real instruments for its people but def also synths and computer. This track has it all.. reminds us of Daft Punk a bit.. and that’s always great! Have a listen..