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Blob the Bulb

TT was asked to write music and do sounddesign for this amazing project. GLOW is a world famous light festival wittnessed by over 800.000 people this year. Our project was chosen by press and audience as the hightlight of this GLOW edition. Our project is an ode to the lightbulb, the evolution of the lightbulb. It’s history is strongly connected to Eindhoven and Philips, who invented this great unit. So ask yourself: what is the sound of a lightbulb? We did our best to make a honoring sound for it!

Only filmed by one camera in one angle but it does show how great these 3D projections work on this building. Width 35 meters and height 25 meters.

Concept: Jan Fabel

3d animation: Dirk van Poppel

Composing and sounddesign: Erwin Steijlen