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Music for Dutch Police

The Power of Music as a tool for change in an organization

Assignment by Dutch Police department to use music in their search for change, to become a better organization.

A great opportunity for us to proof the Power of Music.
Core values ​​/ keywords for this assignment:
In our conversations, a number of things came up, these words and values we have converted musically, and these have become themes in the music.

2 worlds:
1- safe, familiar, secure

2- dare, new, see and grab opportunities

We see a need for awareness and recognition of these 2 worlds.
Police people are:
– Tough people who dare to intervene, stand, maintain order
– They need however dare to talk within their organization about what they have experienced on the streets, their doubts. Dare to be vulnerable but also be proud!
Really believe you stand out!

Here is what we presented, explaining the music:
0.00 – 0.40 Intro starts as a TV series or police film. Police work can be exciting, there is always something happening. Large drums play; they stand for the courage that police show, drums are tough!
0.40 – 1.09 Theme 1 is played by a violin. Beautiful and emotional. This stands for safety, security. Don’t be scared to show emotion, even in an organization such as the Police.
1.09 – 2.03 Theme 2 shows for us means “adventure”. Because that’s what policemen see and do every day. Problem solving and showing courage is what they do every day. Like an adventurer that enters unknown areas, that is how this part sounds and fits police work. Epic but with feeling
2.03 – 2.34 Chorus Like theme 1 but now in Avicci and Martin Garrix style. The violin has been taken over by hip synths and sounds from now, this era. The music is up, positive and very danceable. Life can a party. See your chances and take them! Be proud of your job, The Choice is Yours.

Take a look at the film that was made based on the music: