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Music = communication

The SDG’s
A song based on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.
Goals that need a sound because music is communication, music is the language of emotion.

We all know these 17 goals, often supported by large companies and organizations worldwide.
No poverty, right to education, reducing inequality etc.

Our vision is that music can and will help these goals. Music is an important part in the lives of each of us but also very important in the evolution of mankind; music is the ultimate connector.

However, linking music to goals of brands and organizations is hardly ever done, or often not very good.
Our vision and goal of course: Music First

How does Music First work?
Start with music, music based on DNA
DNA from a brand, company, artist, event or organization and reach the musical brain and heart of your customers, followers and audience.

All SDGs together have common keywords, common DNA:


Musical steps:
1 A simple theme. Could have been written by a child because children are the future. Listen to the intro.
2 A striking bass part. Every movement and organization needs a solid bottom, base. The bass!
3 Rhythms from different parts of the world. Our drummer Juan therefore plays rhythms from Africa, Asia and Western at the same time.
4 Blazers. Trumpets and other wind instruments call for … In almost every community, wind instruments call when something important happens and the people “had to” come and listen. “Tatata .. the king is coming ..” 😉
5 The text. In this case a personal story, beautifully sung by Chris Hordijk, who indicates that there must be change. A change in every person personally that will lead to a movement and change, in a society and in all people.
6 The music must be positive and up-tempo. From now, catchy, and a mix of real and modern musical tools. A hit song!

We played the song live at CWF2019 for the first time to a big international audience.

Of course available on all the music platforms such as Spotify:

And here it is on Soundcloud: