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We were asked to find and write the musical identity of VVB Husan, a great wholesale company in paint that work mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The DNA words we found when talking to the people working there were:

Proud = chord use

Strong together = strong rhythm

Craftsmanship = real musicians

Doers = steady bass, strong bass part

Believe in the future = mix real instruments with modern synths and beats

positive, optimistic = A whistle plays the main the main theme. Their products and people make the world more beautiful

colorful, accessible = we play music on the material they work with! Buckets from plastic and metal

Juan plays percussion on paint buckets! We even built a drumkit with these bucket and performed the track live 😉

The track sounds great and its almost unbelieveable that these paint buckets sound so good.

In Music First style we gave our client multiple versions of the track and also a great Audio Logo. The music is available on all music platforms.

Click on the picture to listen on Spotify or find the track in our playlist here.