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Music has been around for 100,000 years and it has been very important in human evolution. Music belongs to people, is part of people, of who we are, it’s part of our identities.

Now, for the first time ever, a city will start using music in its identity!

Tilburg, in the Netherlands, is a pioneering city taking on a music as part of their “corporate” identity, as part of who they are. Music right beside logo, font, colours and mission statement.

The Power of Music

Music binds and music connects. Music is evolutions powerful way of connecting people. In Tilburg we are now using this power to connect. We do this in a unique way by asking all creative people to co-operate. All musicians, producers, choirs, amateurs, pro’s, bands, singers and rappers are invited to work wíth us on the Sound of Tilburg.

Working closely together with Tilburg Alderman Marcella Hendrickx and City Marketing Tilburg, we are proud to announce the download link of the stems of the Tilburg Tune. (Stems are: all individial parts that make together the music as it now is. So bass, drums, trumpet, guitar and choir all on solo tracks).

Everyone is invited to do “their thing” with these stems. Remix, sing, rap, add tracks, anything goes.. as long as it has something to do with Tilburg. The best 3 will be released on all music platforms.


With Music First Group music we write music based on DNA. DNA of an artist but just as easy DNA of a company, brand, event or product. CMO and composer Erwin Steijlen: “If you find the right DNA words you can write the right music, music that connects..” The DNA words for Tilburg are:
social, experimental, rebelious, raw, humor, honest, decisive, authentic, doers

We went viral when we announced Tilburg Tune.. Interviews in most dutch media such as Trouw, Brabants Dagblad, Eindhovens Dagblad, BN de Stem, radio and tv programs on 538, Veronica, NPO, Radio 1, Radio 2, 100% NL, RTL4, RTL Editie NL Omroep Brabant, RTL, PowNed and Jinek.