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A great assignment for OTIB; an organization that enables professionals in the technical installation sector to develop their talent optimally and to use it for a future-proof living environment.
We were asked to use the power of music, to help OTIB on their “Topmeesterschapsdagen”, to connect to their audience; find talents for their program.

We wrote and recorded exciting music, fitting what they are all about, based on their organizations DNA, using sounds from the lives of their clients; technical professions like builders and plumbers.
We build rythms with these real-life sounds and created a great track with it. Of course now available on iTunes, Spotify and all the other music platforms.

The DNA/keywords for this organization are:
“ambition, passion, pride, self-esteem, talent, seeing and seizing opportunities”
We wrote the music with these words in mind and our client was very happy with the end result.