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The Xella Group develops, manufactures and markets building and insulation materials. With its Ytong, Silka and Hebel brands, Xella is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of autoclaved aerated concrete and calcium silicate units. The Multipor brand stands for non-flammable mineral insulation boards and with Ursa we are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of insulation materials.

The Xella Group bundles the expertise and know-how of Ytong, Silka, Multipor, Hebel and Ursa and is continuously developing these brands. Xella is one of just a few European building materials companies to operate its own Research and Development Center which focuses its work on three main areas: Product and process research, applied research and construction physics.

Erwin and Totally Tuned were asked to do research and advice Xella on how to use the Power of Music. We loved the challenge and after talking to to CEO and passionate staff we came to the right DNA, the keywords we need for writing the perfect music.

DNA of Xella:
Down to earth
People work here for a long time
Coöperation between people and machines

These words, the conversations and the tour pushed us in one direction,
The music must have something to do with:

Raw, proud, honest = real instruments such as bass, drums, guitars
Man and machine coöperation = drum beat that goes on and on
People work here for a long time = Feelgood chorus, catchy
Safety = Bas
Solid = strong collaboration between bass and drums

Beat is the rhythm of the machines
Track must be positive and up
Bass stands for reliability and safety
With your product, people build houses, so people become creative
Real instruments show craftsmanship and creativity
We even used the sound of the big machines that turn sand into stones! 😉

Here is the end result: