Totally Tuned Masterclass connects talented composers, songwriters and producers to the international business world.

All through a unique Masterclass and an innovative Platform for e-learning and co-creation.

We are a group of successful composers and producers and we see a mismatch between supply and demand for great music. Our belief is that there will always be a need for new and great music and we focus on brands, companies and media. There is definitely need for a new business model for composers and producers that don’t have a record deal or a publisher backing them up, that’s where we come in.

Brand and business owners: For companies, brands, film makers and other media makers we offer unique composed music for a great price. Are you looking for music? click here.

Are you a musician and want to make a living with your talent? Check out our program and read on..

        What’s the Aim of the Masterclass?

  The Totally Tuned Masterclass is a unique 12 week Masterclass where you’ll learn how to live from your music, live from your talent. Your target is to become a D.I.Y. artist, able to make a living with your music

        How does the Masterclass work?

  You’ll get lessons and assignments from our world class coaches, all successful specialists in their craft and musical style. You will learn what it takes to work for clients, brands, artists and media ( psst.. Our guys work for acts like David Guetta, Justin Bieber, Ayreon, Epica and Cirque du Soleil, brands like VW, BMW, Verizon and Nike, films such as Alien and Batman…)

       Where can I follow the Masterclass?

 We work online and worldwide, on a specially made IT platform. Lessons, assignments, opportunities and pitches… all will be shared on our own Totally Tuned Platform. You’ll learn about EDM, Orchestral, Pop/Rock, Songs, Film, Trailer, Libraries, Mixing, Drums, Recording, Mics, Lyrics, the Music Bizz and much more…


  • Besides the curriculum assignments we’ll work on real, live and paid assignments, from real clients. Totally Tuned is unique in offering a combination like this: Learning and Earning!
  • When you finish the Masterclass successfully, you’ll keep getting paid assignments and opportunities in the future
  • Totally Tuned masterclasses are also an excellent addition to your degree in music as it really shows you how to market your creativity.

Ridvan Duzey – Composer: “It’s almost unreal that we’ve only been working for 3 weeks and so much has happened. We’re a group with such different characters and identities but I feel very special to be part of it. The whole concept of analyzing music genres and companies, finding their musical identity and DNA, and writing from that perspective really is amazing. I am so enthousiastic about TT! I’m doing things I never did before, trying new methods, listening to new genres, it’s so great!! I can’t do anything else than thank you for starting something so beautiful as TT!”

Tim van Dorst- Composer: “”For me the Totally Tuned Masterclass was exactly what I needed in my development as a composer and producer.
It really helps you get on the right track by learning to think differently about music and it’s function. The music industry today is all about competing, but I believe Totally Tuned proves that you can achieve far more by joining forces”.

Daniel Veld- Composer: “I must say that I am very satisfied with following the TT Masterclass. From all the lessons that I follow at ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts, and masterclasses that I attended in the past, I think the Totally Tuned masterclass is closest to the real thing, the real market”.

Ruud Hermans – Composer: “I followed the Masterclass of Totally Tuned with and from Erwin Steijlen. Making Tunes for companies and getting feedback from the best professionals in the business! I learned so much and made many new contacts. And as icing on the cake I also won one of the opportunities!”

Michiel Westerhuis – Composer: “The Masterclass was very interesting and I learned a lot! Now writing a Business plan and making Tunes.
To all creatives among us: very much worth it! in September the new course starts” !!

Meet the team

Rutger van Gelder

Rutger van Gelder
EDM specialist, Producer, DJ, Artist, Songwriter

Danny Cocke

Danny Cocke
Hollywood Composer


Jeffrey Revet
Keyboard player Stream of Passion and producer

Joost studio

Joost van den Broek
Producer, pop and rock specialist

Christian Vorlander

Christian Vorlander
Filmcomposer and trailer specialist

Erwin Steijlen

Erwin Steijlen
Founder TT, Producer for brands, artists and media

Your goal is to get better as an artist, finish market ready products and start building your own creative company


Make a living by doing what you love most; writing and recording music! Learn how to get clients and write for clients, how to write for and sync to worldwide commercials, films and tv series. Learn the musical and business secrets from industry insiders and start your own creative company!

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