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Totally Tuned Music

Our talents work on real assignments and opportunities. Here you can hear some of their tracks

“It’s almost unreal that we’ve only been working for 3 weeks and so much has happened. We’re a group with such different characters and identities but I feel very special to be part of it. The whole concept of analyzing music genres and companies, finding their musical identity and DNA, and writing from that perspective really is amazing. I am so enthousiastic about TT! I’m doing things I never did before, trying new methods, listening to new genres, it’s so great!! I can’t do anything else than thank you for starting something so beautiful!” – R.Duzey – Composer

“For me the Totally Tuned Masterclass was exactly what I needed in my development as a composer and producer.
It really helps you get on the right track by learning to think differently about music and its function. Music first is the key to great succes, that’s what you discover during this 12 weeks. The music industry today is all about competing, but I believe Totally Tuned proves that you can achieve far more by joining forces.
This platform is the ultimate opportunity to become a better producer and composer, extend your network, finding new ways to create income, work on your portfolio and most important have a lot of fun creating new music!”
– Tim van Dorst – Composer

“I can only say that I am very satisfied with following the masterclass, and from all the lessons that I follow at ArtEZ and masterclasses that I have attended in the past, I think this master class is closest to the real market.”
– Daniel Veld – Composer

Totally Tuned (including the Masterclass) aims at professional companies with quite specific demands. The masterclass, with real and fictional assignments, helps students to understand this market better. This will be an essential need for my own company’s future goal. TT masterclass really gives useful feedback, takes you beyond your comfort zone and is aimed at the future markets. This masterclass is worth your investment!- Eljakim van de Sande / Celsus Music