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Rutger van Gelder

Rutger van Gelder

Rutger is an electronic producer and DJ who did remixes for and worked with renowned international artists like David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Flo Rida, Justin Bieber, James Blunt, JP Cooper and Deepend.
Productions for Universal Music, Sony Music Entertainment, Island Records, Atlantic Records, amongst many others, helped achieve an impressive portfolio.
Last but not least, Rutger teaches Electronic Music Production at ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts.

Ruud live_lichter

Ruud Hermans

Ruud specialises in music for shortfilms and feature films but does commercials, corporate movies and documentaries just as well.

He participated in the Entertainment Experience that was set up by Paul Verhoeven, he won Best Music for Part 8 of The user generated movie. Ruud loved doing this so much that subsequently he started composing music for shortfilms, feature films and for other kinds media as well.

Throughout his musical career, sharing his thoughts on music and sound as well as collaborating and connecting with people have always been his approach on projects. ‘Together we are able to create something truly beautiful that we never could have made on our own.’

As a composer he has worked on shortfilms such as Fuk It (comedy), Day of Reckoning(drama), The Summoning(horror), The Apricot Tree(drama) and featurefilms such as Arjuna (coming of age), Label me (comedy) and The way to Paradise(drama).

He was nominated for Best Original Score at the monthly Oniros Film awards, October 2017 and has been awarded for Best Original Score at Best Independents International Film Festival Berlin 2017 for Day of Reckoning(drama).

Ruud has composed and produced music for different brands such as Spa (webcommercial), Australian (soundlogo) and the Nierpatiënten Vereniging Nederland’ (promo). Willing to broaden his horizon as a media composer Ruud took the masterclass at Totally Tuned which has been a great way to work with new people and to learn from other experienced professionals in the field. As a bonus it resulted in winning the opportunity for Innozaam with his music as well.

Telling the story of a movie through his music is what Ruud stands for. Music should always enhance the footage so if it does not add up, leave it out. When it comes to a corporate music, Ruud shares the Totally tuned vision about putting music in the lead. With a deep love for scoring movies and producing themes and tunes, he will continue to compose his music for new and challenging projects that will cross his path.


Ferdy van der Singel

Ferdy van der Singel (32) is a multiplatinum composer, producer and musician known for his work with Bløf , Sofie Letitre, The Howlin’ and many other artists. Ferdy had a record breaking success in the Netherlands and Belgium producing Bløf’s #1 hit Zoutelande. From the age of 16 till now he worked in music as a musician (drums, keys & guitar), engineer in several recording studios, finished a study in music production & composition at Conservatory MediaMusic in Enschede and produced several albums and EP’s. Ferdy knows his way around lots of musical genres and produces electronic, acoustic and orchestral productions on a high level.

Joost studio

Joost van den Broek

Starting his career as a classical trained pianist and arranger, touring the world with symphonic rock/metal acts like After Forever and Ayreon, Joost has produced, mixed and arranged albums since 2004 with great international succes. Having become a chart-hitting producer working with big names like Epica, Xandria, ReVamp, Navarone, Kovacs, Anneke van Giersbergen and many more, he gained a reputation in the rock/metal world and beyond. He teaches at the prestigious Amsterdam Conservatorium and Joost’s homebase studio is Sandlane Recording Facilities

Daniel Sr Pepper (1)

Daniel Veld

Daniel is a Media Composer and Sound Designer. Young, but eager to join every project possible in order to do what he loves the most: “The passing of clear emotion to create the purest sound.” With a passion for moving picture and portraying the feeling that comes with it, he brings a fresh energy to the creative and commercial sector.

He made the sound of KPN for the Get Energized! live event in the Olympic Stadium Amsterdam, wrote music for the Dutch film ‘Ik Ben’ and worked on multiple indie games like the Battle Royale game ‘The Survivors’ on Steam. If you are looking for an epic atmosphere that embeds your story Daniel is your man!

Presspic Ruben Norg (1920x1080)

Ruben Norg

Ruben is an all-round composer, producer and sounddesigner who does lots of work for international TV-commercials.
From atmospheric and orchestral cues to epic rock, pop, and funky hip hop tracks, his music is very diverse and always has his unique personal touch to it.
He has made music for brands such as BMW, Toyota, Hyundai, McDonalds, Jägermeister, Edeka, Burgerking, Lufthansa and many more.


Jeffrey Revet

Jeffrey Revet is a keyboard player and producer with loads of experience in rock and metal. He tours the world with metal act “Stream of Passion” but also works with Russel Allen, Floor Jansen and Bobby Kimball on the Xmas Metal Symphony, Rock Classics Symphony and the Vivaldi Metal Project. Jeffrey is a teacher at MediaMusic / ArtEZ conservatory.

Erwin 0257

Erwin Steijlen

Erwin has written every product launch for VW and BMW worldwide for years and has worked with famous acts like Nena, Pink!, Shakira and Cirque du Soleil.
He was nominated for best tv commercial music in 2016. His songs are widely used in series like Pretty Little Liars, Shameless and The Mentalist.
Utilizing his own “Corporate Music Method”, he realized over 50 commercials worldwide and over 30 on US tv alone. Erwin is the founder of Totally Tuned, head of the team and our product launch specialist.